The Helical Pile Foundation Underpinning Method

The Helical Pile Foundation Underpinning Method Used by Helical Piles of New York

Helical Pile Foundation Underpinning Method is the use of screw pilings also known as helical piles. They are screwed into the soil beneath the building’s foundation and are installed at various depths until stable soil is reached.
These galvanize steel screw pilings are then attached to the foundation. Helical piles have many advantages over traditional wooden pilings. Using the proper equipment they can quickly be installed with a minimal of vibration and noise.
Here is a clear cut view of  helical piles with foundation underpinning brackets. This unique view of  helical piles that simulate what underpinning with helical piles looks like.
Here at Helical piles of New York we understand how difficult it is to envision how helical piles work to repair a damaged foundations .

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Helical Pile Foundation Underpinning Method

Helical Piles are screwed into the ground until they reach load bearing soil that is stable enough to support the load of the structure that is being underpinned.
Large galvanized steel foundation Brackets are then bolted to the existing Foundation, preventing any further movement. Helical piles are the best cost saving alternative solution to repair broken or sinking foundations that require stabilization.

This video will give you a better understanding of the installation of helical piles.


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