Helical Foundation Anchors for Underpinning Foundations

Underpinning Using Foundation anchors

Foundation anchors also known as helical piers are only installed by Certified Installers Helical piles NY, is a certified helical pier installation company that has been certified and trained. Foundation anchors are used for underpinning a failing foundation;

Foundation Anchor

Helical Pier

These foundation anchors are screwed deep into the earth until they reach a suitable load-bearing capacity. The Foundation anchors will transfer the building load from the existing failing foundation to a stable foundation anchoring system capable of supporting the building load.

Securing the Footing

Galvanized steel underpinning brackets are then secured to the footing of the building. The entire under pinning process is done by experienced, certified and well-trained installers such as those at Helical piles NY.

Foundation anchors Corrosion resistant

 Foundation anchors are solid steel heavily galvanized to prevent corrosion there are many advantages to using  foundation anchors. The repairs will be conducted by certified installers and you can rest assured that the manufacturer has produced a product that meets all FEMA specifications.

Advantages of Foundation anchors

Foundation anchors are screwed into the ground this avoids vibration of the old-fashioned pounding into the ground pilings. Because they’re screwed into the ground pressure gauges are used to determine the exact amount of pressure needed to reach stable soil.

Installing Foundation anchors is minimally invasive to your landscaping only small areas around your foundation will be disturbed.

Signs of Foundation Failure

Here are some signs to look for that could indicate your foundation is failing. Foundation walls in your basement are beginning to buckle or bow.  A sure sign that something is going on is cracks in the foundation walls that are difficult to detect because the exterior is beneath the ground level and the interior may be finished.


Signs of Foundation Failure

Cracks on your interior walls in your home above your windows or doors and cracks in the ceiling are good indicators of a problem. If you have Windows or doors that are now sticking meeting tonight opening and closing like they used to they could indicate shifting of the foundation.  Uneven floors or cracked ceramic tiling are all signs of foundation failure.

If you’re observing any of these signs feel free to contact us at high-rise industries we are certified helical pier and helical tieback installers. We can be reached at high-rise industries Inc.com or by phone at the following numbers 516-250-2515 or 516-315-8591.

Foundation anchors, Helical pier, foundation failure

Foundation anchors are used to stabilize an existing failing foundation, they are also used in new construction to insure a stable footing and avoiding foundation  failure in the future.