The Helical Pile Foundation Underpinning Method

The Helical Pile Foundation Underpinning Method Used by Helical Piles of New York

Helical Pile Foundation Underpinning Method is the use of screw pilings also known as helical piles. They are screwed into the soil beneath the building’s foundation and are installed at various depths until stable soil is reached.
These galvanize steel screw pilings are then attached to the foundation. Helical piles have many advantages over traditional wooden pilings. Using the proper equipment they can quickly be installed with a minimal of vibration and noise.
Here is a clear cut view of  helical piles with foundation underpinning brackets. This unique view of  helical piles that simulate what underpinning with helical piles looks like.
Here at Helical piles of New York we understand how difficult it is to envision how helical piles work to repair a damaged foundations .

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Helical Pile Foundation Underpinning Method

Helical Piles are screwed into the ground until they reach load bearing soil that is stable enough to support the load of the structure that is being underpinned.
Large galvanized steel foundation Brackets are then bolted to the existing Foundation, preventing any further movement. Helical piles are the best cost saving alternative solution to repair broken or sinking foundations that require stabilization.

This video will give you a better understanding of the installation of helical piles.


Helical Pile Infinity Pool Project Southampton, New York

Infinity Pool projectThis particular helical pile infinity pool was installed on a severe slope behind a home, in Southampton New York This location presented some very challenging situations not only was the slope that the pool was being constructed on  very steep, but the soil consistency was loose and very sandy. All the excavated soil was saved to uses as backfill when the project was completed.

The project was broken down to three phases, beginning in the winter. Phase 1:  excavation and helical pile installation was completed, and  as weather permitted grade beams and concrete were poured. As you will see in the attached video 40 helical piles were installed to a depth of 20 to 25 feet before the grade beams were attached to the helical piles. Helical piles were also installed to support columns that would later be installed on the home to support second-story deck.

Helical Pile Infinity Pool Construction System

The use of helical piles made this project possible. Helical piles of New York once again has made a very difficult project look easy. This project was also featured on helical pile world magazine here’s a direct link to that article. CLICK HERE

Enjoy the attached videos.


Structural Foundation Underpinning

Structural Foundation Underpinning using Helical piers. In this project, foundation repair and foundation underpinning had to be performed before an elevated foundation could be erected.

Saving the existing block foundation with 3000 psi grout and rebar was necessary. First installing helical piers with foundation brackets to the footing for support.
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The Helical Pulldown Micropile Foundation System

The Helical Pulldown Micropile Foundation System

Helical Pulldown Micropiles is a system for constructing a grout column around the shaft of a solid steel Helical Pile. The Helical Pulldown Micropile Foundation System by encasing the helical pile in grout. The result is a higher capacity deep foundation solution.

Helical Pile Caps

 In this project the helical pile caps were welded to the helical pile to insure that the slab that will be poured onto these piles will always be tied to the helical pulldown micropiles. This will ensure that even if server flooding occurs the attached home will not move. Even if the entire slab is undermined the helical piles will keep the slab in place.
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The Amity Harbor Helical Pile Project

The Amity Harbor Helical Pile Project

This project in Amity Harbor was quite unique, in that the engineers company (Havelin Engineering) specified that the existing block foundation, and footing could be used. This would not only save time but also save the homeowner unnecessary expense. Before the existing foundation and footing could be utilized it would have to be supported with 20 local piles. To secure the footing and ensure that the existing footing could handle the extra weight of the new higher foundation that would be installed on top of the existing block foundation after it was reinforced.helical-piles

Reinforcing A Block Foundation

The block foundation although in good condition would have to be reinforced with additional rebar. The block themselves would have to be filled with grout. The blocks were then filled with 3000 PSI grout to provide additional capacity and support the extra weight of the new elevated foundation.

Underpinning with Helical Piles

The underpinning was accomplished by using Chance Helical piles and Chance foundation brackets. The brackets were attached to the existing footing, and 20 helical piles were installed to meet the required capacity of 12 tons.

Supporting A Fireplace and Chimney

To properly support the existing fireplace and chimney which the owner insisted be preserved, three more helical piles and pile caps were installed.

Helical Piles of NY

Helical Piles of New York install all helical piles and grout the existing block they also did the 5 foot poured concrete additional foundation to raise the home 2 feet above required flood levels of this area. All this work was accomplished in half days which is just another benefit of hiring a company that not only installs helical piles but are concrete foundation experts.
Helical Piles of NY is a division of High Rise Industries Inc a family owned and operated reinforced Concrete and Excavation Company, that specialize in a wide range of concrete construction services. From reinforced concrete footings and piers, to concrete underpinnings and poured foundations.


Foundation Repair South Hampton New York

Project Name: South Hampton New York
Project: Deep foundation Repair South Hampton
Solution : Install 48 Helical Piles to underpin the existing Foundation.

Foundation Repair Using Helical Piles

Foundation Repair Yonkers NY

The existing block foundation walls started to settle and separate at its mortar joints. The foundation deteriation caused the house to begin settle.This foundation failure affected the entire house, not only the first floor but also his doors and windows.


Helical Piles NY


Helical Piles NY


Helical Piles NY


Helical Piles NY


Helical Piles NY


Helical Piles NY







Homeowner decided to take down the existing concrete footings and the crumbling block foundation and pour new concrete walls to remedy the problem. After the concrete demolishing and the excavation began, a water presence was observed coming from under the bedrock as well as from the sides of the new excavated footings.
After a soil boring test analysis, it was discovered that an underground stream of water was running beneath the house’s foundation. This causing horizontal and diagonal (sloped) movement and eventually separation of its cinder block walls.
The structural engineer overseeing this project recommended the installation of 1.75’’ square shaft helical piles inside the new concrete footings .
Five helical piles were installed to a torque of 5000 The piles were caped with a 6 inch new construction cap and thus preventing future settlement in the future.

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Helical Piles of New York Underpins Police Annex Structure

Foundation repair of a police Annex building and Mamaroneck New York.

Helical piles of New York came to the rescue of a new police building being constructed, the building is 50 x 16 structure that was set alongside of Mamaroneck police building, in Mamaroneck, New York. The building is an above grade structure that was set upon concrete pilings. The concrete pilings were beginning to fail as the weight of the structure forced them deeper into the ground.
The Rebello brothers of Helical Piles of New York were hired to solve this problem, and they did. As challenging as this project was it was further complicated by the minimal amount of space to work.
While installing  helical piles bedrock was discovered 10 feet below surface.  Installing 12 helical piles to the bedrock provided a stable footing to secure this building.
To further ensure no movement will occur the team from Helical Piles of New York encased all the helical piles In concrete columns and then installed  low-profile brackets to the building.

Thanks to do professional work of the Rebello brothers and their team of experts this serious problem was solved in three days and the rest of the work on the building was continued.
Helical Piles of New York is a division of High-Rise Industries Inc. and both companies are owned and operated by the Rebello brothers.
Whether you’re a homeowner looking to learn more about residential Foundation repair, an engineer or a contractor looking into Commercial pre-construction, High Rise Industries Inc. and Helical Piles of New York can help provide the right Solution.
We also provide our own Excavation, Roll off Container service and Site Work for all of our customers.  Our experience covers every facet of reinforced Concrete Footings and Foundations, poured Grade Beams, Concrete Underpinnings and all phases of Slab work. This also includes all aspects of Excavations, Concrete demolitions. This greatly reduces time it takes to complete a Project.

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Helical Pier Foundation Systems

Helical Foundation System for Homeowner

A Helical Foundation System for homeowners living in a flood zone

Installing a helical foundation system for homeowners whose home were originally built on a slab foundation. Many homeowners are under the mistaken belief that if their home was originally built on a slab foundation they would not be able to raise their home above the flood level. In the attached video we will demonstrate how this can be done.
Helical Foundation System
The first step is to have a structural engineer work hand-in-hand with your architect to create the perfect solution for your home. The homeowner in the video that you’re about to see contacted a general contractor and the general contractor coordinated the entire project.

With every helical foundation system that is installed to repair or underpin an existing foundation a structural engineer will draw up the plans and ensure that the proper number of helical piles are installed by a certified helical pile installer. This will ensure that the new foundation will be supported properly.
Helical foundation System in a flood zone
In the video below you’ll see how helical piles are installed in the area of Massapequa with water table is extremely high, many times the workers themselves are standing in water. This however doesn’t affect the integrity of the helical pile itself. With every helical pile foundation that is installed by high-rise industries and helical piles of New York, only chance helical piles that are 100% galvanized are used.
When chance helical piles are installed by a certified helical pile installer such as high-rise industries and helical piles of New York the manufacturer guarantees their product for a minimum of 30 years.
Helical Pile Brackets
In this Massapequa project not only are chance helical piles installed by high-rise industry a certified helical pile installation company, but chance foundation brackets are also secured to the existing foundation.

Helical pile foundation systems are available for all types of existing foundations including slab foundations which are very common on Long Island. Watch the video below and see how helical piles of New York and high-rise industries can provide the proper foundation solution for your home.

Helical Pile World Magazine

 Helical Pile World Magazine

Helical Pile World Magazine has once again featured a Helical Piles of New York project. Helical Piles of NY, a division of High Rise Industries  located in Long Island, NY, recently completed another challenging project building an elevated house foundation in a flood zone in the Bay Park section of East Rockaway, NY.

Helical Piles of NY

Helical Piles of NY was contracted to do the entire project, which included the demolition of the existing damage structure, all the excavation work. Helical piles of New York also installed  helical piles and constructed a poured elevated foundation.

Modular Home

The new house is a modular structure. The homeowner chose a modular structure to expedite the entire rebuilding process.In order to fulfill the homeowner’s timetable it was necessary to do the demolition of the damaged structure during the winter months. Excavating and installing helical piles with pile caps was also accomplished this winter. Once again proving the versatility of helical piles, weather is rarely a factor when installing helical pilings. 36 helical piles were installed to an approximate depth of 26 feet with a minimum of 5000 foot-pounds of torque.

Grade Beam

It only required a few days of above freezing temperatures to install a grade beam and after inspection and 11 foot six-inch foundation was installed. A modular home was delivered and set into place and the project was completed on schedule to the homeowner’s delight.

Project Facts

Project Name & Location:   New Elevated Modular House Foundation, Bay Park, NY
Project Date:      May 2014
Project Type:    Original House was Destroyed by Super Storm Sandy. Helical Piles Installed to Support the Elevated Foundation for a New Modular House
Helical Pile Installation Contractor:  Helical Piles of New York – Div. of High-Rise Industries
Architect:    Robert Phillip Ferraro. – Lynbrook, NY
Geotechnical Engineers:    Soil Mechanics Drilling Corp – Seaford, NY
Helical Piles Specifications:   (36) 2.875” RS Piles with 10”,12”,14” Helix Bearing Plates; 15 Ton Ultimate Capacity; Galvanized
Soils & Embedment Depth:      Sand and Clay.  Average Pile Embedment 26 ft.
Project Timeline:       Helical Pile Installation – 2.5 days
Helical Pile Manufacturer:       A.B. Chance – Centralia, MO

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