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 Helical Pile World Magazine

Helical Pile World Magazine has once again featured a Helical Piles of New York project. Helical Piles of NY, a division of High Rise Industries  located in Long Island, NY, recently completed another challenging project building an elevated house foundation in a flood zone in the Bay Park section of East Rockaway, NY.

Helical Piles of NY

Helical Piles of NY was contracted to do the entire project, which included the demolition of the existing damage structure, all the excavation work. Helical piles of New York also installed  helical piles and constructed a poured elevated foundation.

Modular Home

The new house is a modular structure. The homeowner chose a modular structure to expedite the entire rebuilding process.In order to fulfill the homeowner’s timetable it was necessary to do the demolition of the damaged structure during the winter months. Excavating and installing helical piles with pile caps was also accomplished this winter. Once again proving the versatility of helical piles, weather is rarely a factor when installing helical pilings. 36 helical piles were installed to an approximate depth of 26 feet with a minimum of 5000 foot-pounds of torque.

Grade Beam

It only required a few days of above freezing temperatures to install a grade beam and after inspection and 11 foot six-inch foundation was installed. A modular home was delivered and set into place and the project was completed on schedule to the homeowner’s delight.

Project Facts

Project Name & Location:   New Elevated Modular House Foundation, Bay Park, NY
Project Date:      May 2014
Project Type:    Original House was Destroyed by Super Storm Sandy. Helical Piles Installed to Support the Elevated Foundation for a New Modular House
Helical Pile Installation Contractor:  Helical Piles of New York – Div. of High-Rise Industries
Architect:    Robert Phillip Ferraro. – Lynbrook, NY
Geotechnical Engineers:    Soil Mechanics Drilling Corp – Seaford, NY
Helical Piles Specifications:   (36) 2.875” RS Piles with 10”,12”,14” Helix Bearing Plates; 15 Ton Ultimate Capacity; Galvanized
Soils & Embedment Depth:      Sand and Clay.  Average Pile Embedment 26 ft.
Project Timeline:       Helical Pile Installation – 2.5 days
Helical Pile Manufacturer:       A.B. Chance – Centralia, MO

To see videos of all this work you can visit our YouTube channel; https://www.youtube.com/user/HelicalPilesNY

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