Helical Piles Hampton Bays Project

Helical Piles Hampton Bays Project

Testimonial From Homeowner

Testimonial from Hampton Bays

My name is Denis Kaminek. I decided to write this brief testimonial because I felt compelled to inform my fellow Long Islanders who are contemplating raising their homes to avoid future floods, that there are some very good and competent contractors that I had the good fortune of hiring to work on my home.

I live in Hampton Bays and during hurricane Sandy my home, like so many others on Long Island, was flooded. I decided that I was going to have my house raised above the flood level so that we would never suffer damage to our home again. Raising a home is a big project so I began doing my research.
After a ground boring test indicated that my soil was too soft to support a typical foundation footing, I consulted with my architect and contractor and concluded that the best method of securing my home was to use a helical pile foundation system. I did extensive research on helical pile manufacturers and installation contractors. My research convinced me that Chance manufactured helical piles were the helical piles I wanted used under my home. Chance helical piles have been manufactured here in the United States for over one hundred years and made with United States steel.
Chance helical piles are only sold and distributed to certified Chance helical pile installers, which ensures that the product is installed properly and fully warranted. These are all important considerations when installing helical piles.
I spoke with the two gentlemen who were going to do the installation of the helical piles — Silvio and Danny Rebelo from High-Rise Industries. After our first conversation I realized that they had the experience and knowledge to get the job done right. They are the owners of a family business located here on Long Island. Both Silvio and Danny were easy to talk to, and were always on time for all their appointments. Throughout the whole process they explained everything and reassured me that I had made the right choice.

On a project of this magnitude, cost factors can become sizable. High-Rise Industries quoted me a price for the installation of helical piles and stuck to it. There were no hidden or added costs and their price was fair and very competitive. During the installation Silvio explained the entire procedure to me and patiently answered all of my questions.

Silvio and Danny Rebelo from High-Rise Industries are hard-working, trustworthy people who are excellent at what they do. They do their work in a timely and professional manner and I have already recommended them to my friends and neighbors. I have only known them for a short time but I feel like we have developed a friendship.

Denis Kaminek

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