Life Expectancy of a Helical Pier

What Is the Life Expectancy of a Helical Pier

This is a common question we hear all the time is how long it will be before these helical Piers begins to rust. Although we are certified helical pier installers we do not manufacture the helical pier itself.

Helical Pier Manufactures

The few manufacturers of helical piers all seem to agree with a prediction of more than one hundred and fifty years. Although these helical piers are steel they are heavily galvanized to prevent rust and depending on the soil composition will have a bearing on how quickly if at all I helical pier will begin to deteriorate.

How are helical pilings attached to my existing foundation?

How are helical pilings attached to my existing foundation?

The footing is replaced with helical piles permanently attached to the foundation wall at the footing level.If any leveling of the foundation needs to be done a special bracket attaching the Helical Pile to the existing foundation is designed to accept a hydraulic jack for the lifting process. The bracket is a permanent part of the installation and maintains the lift after the jack is removed(see photo below).

Hilical Pile Foundation Bracket Installation Video

Helical pile foundation jack

Foundation Jack

Helical Pile Foundation System Cost

Unfortunately calculating a helical pile foundation system cost is difficult. The exact cost of installing helical piles is not always the same, there are many factors that must be considered. A structural engineer will determine the condition of the foundation and how many helical piles will be required. The size of the helical pile itself will be determined by the weight of the building and the soil conditions.helical pile foundation system cost will finally be determined by the depth of each helical pile that is installed. Unfortunately the depth is determined by the amount of pressure it takes to screw the helical pile into the earth.

What Determines the Cost of  Helical pile Installation?

Installing a helical pile only 20 feet will cost significantly less than installing helical pile 60 feet, this is only common sense. Helical piles also have varying thicknesses of the shaft. The load specifications will determine the thickness of the helical pile shaft. Two inch thick shafts are less expensive to purchase than 3 inch and 4 inch shafts. Each helical pile is torque tested while being installed to ensure that it has reached stable soil.

A certified helical pile installer working hand-in-hand with a structural engineer will determine how many helical piles are required, and the depth they must be inserted into the ground. Once these determinations are made and experienced helical pile construction professional will be able to give you a better feel for the costs.

In tomorrow’s post we will discuss the various ways that helical piles are attached to your foundation.

What Is the Difference between a Helical Pier and a Helical Pile?



A helical pier and helical pile are both exactly the same thing.

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to the use of these two terms. The fact is over the years different companies have referred to them with different titles, some labeling them helical piers while others labeling them helical piles.

This helical plate is designed to screw into the ground, and as it gets deeper into the ground additional steel shafts are attached to the helical shaft. The depth of the installation will be determined by hydraulic gauges, when the proper pressure is reached the foundation steel plate is attached to the foundation and the pier to stabilize the foundation. The plate that is fastened to your foundation is designed to accept a small hydraulic jack, which can be used to level the foundation. See the photo below:

In tomorrow’s post I will discuss the cost of helical piers.

Helical foundation Plate

Helical Piling

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