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Helical Pier Foundation System

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The advantages of the helical pier foundation system have made the use of helical Piers a popular choice among architects, structural engineers, and builders. Helical pile foundations have several advantages over wood driven pilings and are now widely used for many different types of deep foundation solutions. A properly installed him meets all the performance requirements of local building codes.

Helical Foundation Systems Install Quickly

Helical Piers are fast to install with a minimum of landscaping disturbances and no vibration disadvantages to be concerned with. New load capacity is based upon the amount of talk required to install them based on the structural engineers and architects specifications helical piles can be installed to handle varying amounts of load and can be easily modified. The load bearing ability can be utilized immediately after installation.

A helical pier foundation system can be installed in limited access areas, and can be used in areas with high water tables and compromising soil conditions. As a minimum of soil disturbance during installation and the mere fact that installation can be performed in all weather conditions has greatly increased their popularity amongst builders.

Helical pier foundation systems for new construction

Helical Piers are designed for deep foundation systems. Helical pier is basically a hot dipped galvanized steel central shaft large helical bearing plates welded to that shaft. The load is primarily transferred from the shaft to the soil through these bearing plates.

Due to their unique helical shape the helical pile can be screwed into the soil with a minimum of disturbance and can be installed with the use of a hydraulic powered torque motor manufactured specifically for the installation of helical Piers.
A Helical pier foundation system is ideal. Utilizing this time tested engineering solution that can be easily retrofitted into existing structures when new loads are being added. Helical Piers can be installed under an existing concrete slab foundation to provide extra load capacity, and are the perfect solution when used in a house raising application, where vibration is a major concern.

Watch the video below to see how helical Piers are being used to reinforce a home that is being expanded. The home is it a flood prone area and was originally constructed using wooden pilings. With the additional load of the extension, additional wooden pilings would be impossible to install. Helical piers however, can be installed quickly with a minimum of landscaping issues. Watch the entire video below to see a perfect example of the advantages of helical pier foundation system.
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