Concrete Pump Truck

Helical Piles of New York adds a Concrete Pump Truck to its Fleet.

Concrete Pump Truck

Silvio and Danny Rebelo are growing their business to expedite the time spent on a project. Too many times a project was delayed because they were forced to wait for the availability of a concrete pump truck. Pumping concrete into forms under a raised house always requires the use of a pump truck.

If a concrete pump truck is not available the project gets delayed. Add the weather factor into the equation and a job can get seriously delayed. This not only causes the contractor extra expense, but incontinences the home owner.

The Rebelo brothers decided to eliminate that problem on all their projects, by adding a pump truck to their fleet of vehicles, and acquired the training to get the proper certification to operate it safely.

Pumping concrete is a very efficient and reliable means of placing concrete under a raised building. There are many instances where a pump truck is the only way of placing concrete in a certain location. Such as a under a raised building, or large slabs where the chutes of the concrete truck can’t reach where the concrete is needed. Other times the weight of a concrete truck will pose a serious danger to the structure. The ease and speed of pumping concrete make it the most economical, and safe method of concrete placement.

By adding their own pump truck to their fleet High Rise industries and its Sister Company Helical Piles of New York (both companies owned and operated by the Rebelo Brothers) they have expedited the time spent on each project. Saving the Company and the homeowner time and expense.


Our Pump Truck

Our pump truck is a labor saving investment; in today’s competitive market it is in everyone’s best interest to use the most modern and up to date equipment.

Using a pump truck to deliver concrete to the precise location needed. Can reduce the number of workers needed and greatly reduce the amount of time to complete a project.
Speed in delivering the concrete to where it is needed is not a problem. Our pump truck can handle up to 200 cubic yards per hour. Reaching hard to reach areas is no longer an issue.
It would be impossible for a concrete truck to deliver concrete to a elevated foundation without the use of a pump truck. We also use our pump truck to deliver concrete when we do basements and crawl space floors. it is the most efficient method, enabling us to complete the job quickly.