Helical Pile Infinity Pool Project Southampton, New York

Infinity Pool projectThis particular helical pile infinity pool was installed on a severe slope behind a home, in Southampton New York This location presented some very challenging situations not only was the slope that the pool was being constructed on  very steep, but the soil consistency was loose and very sandy. All the excavated soil was saved to uses as backfill when the project was completed.

The project was broken down to three phases, beginning in the winter. Phase 1:  excavation and helical pile installation was completed, and  as weather permitted grade beams and concrete were poured. As you will see in the attached video 40 helical piles were installed to a depth of 20 to 25 feet before the grade beams were attached to the helical piles. Helical piles were also installed to support columns that would later be installed on the home to support second-story deck.

Helical Pile Infinity Pool Construction System

The use of helical piles made this project possible. Helical piles of New York once again has made a very difficult project look easy. This project was also featured on helical pile world magazine here’s a direct link to that article. CLICK HERE

Enjoy the attached videos.