The Amity Harbor Helical Pile Project

The Amity Harbor Helical Pile Project

This project in Amity Harbor was quite unique, in that the engineers company (Havelin Engineering) specified that the existing block foundation, and footing could be used. This would not only save time but also save the homeowner unnecessary expense. Before the existing foundation and footing could be utilized it would have to be supported with 20 local piles. To secure the footing and ensure that the existing footing could handle the extra weight of the new higher foundation that would be installed on top of the existing block foundation after it was reinforced.helical-piles

Reinforcing A Block Foundation

The block foundation although in good condition would have to be reinforced with additional rebar. The block themselves would have to be filled with grout. The blocks were then filled with 3000 PSI grout to provide additional capacity and support the extra weight of the new elevated foundation.

Underpinning with Helical Piles

The underpinning was accomplished by using Chance Helical piles and Chance foundation brackets. The brackets were attached to the existing footing, and 20 helical piles were installed to meet the required capacity of 12 tons.

Supporting A Fireplace and Chimney

To properly support the existing fireplace and chimney which the owner insisted be preserved, three more helical piles and pile caps were installed.

Helical Piles of NY

Helical Piles of New York install all helical piles and grout the existing block they also did the 5 foot poured concrete additional foundation to raise the home 2 feet above required flood levels of this area. All this work was accomplished in half days which is just another benefit of hiring a company that not only installs helical piles but are concrete foundation experts.
Helical Piles of NY is a division of High Rise Industries Inc a family owned and operated reinforced Concrete and Excavation Company, that specialize in a wide range of concrete construction services. From reinforced concrete footings and piers, to concrete underpinnings and poured foundations.