Helical Piles of New York Underpins Police Annex Structure

Foundation repair of a police Annex building and Mamaroneck New York.

Helical piles of New York came to the rescue of a new police building being constructed, the building is 50 x 16 structure that was set alongside of Mamaroneck police building, in Mamaroneck, New York. The building is an above grade structure that was set upon concrete pilings. The concrete pilings were beginning to fail as the weight of the structure forced them deeper into the ground.
The Rebello brothers of Helical Piles of New York were hired to solve this problem, and they did. As challenging as this project was it was further complicated by the minimal amount of space to work.
While installing  helical piles bedrock was discovered 10 feet below surface.  Installing 12 helical piles to the bedrock provided a stable footing to secure this building.
To further ensure no movement will occur the team from Helical Piles of New York encased all the helical piles In concrete columns and then installed  low-profile brackets to the building.

Thanks to do professional work of the Rebello brothers and their team of experts this serious problem was solved in three days and the rest of the work on the building was continued.
Helical Piles of New York is a division of High-Rise Industries Inc. and both companies are owned and operated by the Rebello brothers.
Whether you’re a homeowner looking to learn more about residential Foundation repair, an engineer or a contractor looking into Commercial pre-construction, High Rise Industries Inc. and Helical Piles of New York can help provide the right Solution.
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