Helical Foundation System for Homeowner

A Helical Foundation System for homeowners living in a flood zone

Installing a helical foundation system for homeowners whose home were originally built on a slab foundation. Many homeowners are under the mistaken belief that if their home was originally built on a slab foundation they would not be able to raise their home above the flood level. In the attached video we will demonstrate how this can be done.
Helical Foundation System
The first step is to have a structural engineer work hand-in-hand with your architect to create the perfect solution for your home. The homeowner in the video that you’re about to see contacted a general contractor and the general contractor coordinated the entire project.

With every helical foundation system that is installed to repair or underpin an existing foundation a structural engineer will draw up the plans and ensure that the proper number of helical piles are installed by a certified helical pile installer. This will ensure that the new foundation will be supported properly.
Helical foundation System in a flood zone
In the video below you’ll see how helical piles are installed in the area of Massapequa with water table is extremely high, many times the workers themselves are standing in water. This however doesn’t affect the integrity of the helical pile itself. With every helical pile foundation that is installed by high-rise industries and helical piles of New York, only chance helical piles that are 100% galvanized are used.
When chance helical piles are installed by a certified helical pile installer such as high-rise industries and helical piles of New York the manufacturer guarantees their product for a minimum of 30 years.
Helical Pile Brackets
In this Massapequa project not only are chance helical piles installed by high-rise industry a certified helical pile installation company, but chance foundation brackets are also secured to the existing foundation.

Helical pile foundation systems are available for all types of existing foundations including slab foundations which are very common on Long Island. Watch the video below and see how helical piles of New York and high-rise industries can provide the proper foundation solution for your home.