Is Your Home Located in a Floodplain

If your home is located in a 100-year floodplain and received substantial damage you are required to elevate your home in order to receive program funds.

If your dwelling is located in a floodplain, but did not receive substantial damage you are not required to elevate. However, the
NY Rising program may provide funding, within the maximum award cap, to help elevate your dwelling.

If you are performing a major renovation to your house, and the local building department determines your repair is a substantial improvement (construction costs greater than 50% of market value), New York State Residential Code requires that you elevate if you are in a floodplain.

If your house is not located in the 100-year floodplain but a portion of your property is you may still qualify for NY Rising-funded elevation.

Substantial Damage: the amount of damage sustained is equal to, or greater than, 50% of the pre-storm fair market value of the dwelling.

Substantial Improvement: the cost of renovation or rehabilitation is equal to, or greater than, 50% of the market value of the dwelling – regardless of storm damage.

100-year floodplain: a zone where the probability is 1% that a flood event will occur in any given year.