Helical Piers Are A Failing Foundation Solution

Helical Piers

Helical piers can be used on new construction projects, and will soon become mandatory in flood prone areas. They are perfect for new construction and any projects built on unstable soil. Certified helical pier contractors can install helical piers under an existing failing foundation rather than removing the existing foundation This will not only save time but will save the homeowner thousands of dollars.

Helical piers may be positioned in narrow places; High Rise Industries Inc. has portable equipment that can be operated in extremely small spaces. Compared with other pile and pier techniques a huge advantage to using helical piers is that in many cases absolutely no concrete is needed, consequently the next phase of construction can begin immediately.
Helical piers have changed the way foundations are designed and built. A hydraulic auger mounted on an hydraulic excavator or portable-excavator is used to screw in the helical pile thru the soil as torque is monitored to achieve required load capacities. We also can use a portable unit to install helical piers inside the perimeter of the building.
This environmentally friendly application produces a quick and clean installation technique to keep projects on schedule. A steel plate is connected on top of the pier and attached to the existing foundation.(see foundation Bracket below)

helical piers Bracket

Foundation Bracket

Unlimited uses for helical piers: Foundation Systems in flood prone areas, underpinning existing foundation to strengthen the foundation to support a second floor addition, concrete footings, and landscape retainer walls. Reinforcing failing deck piers, (see video) the multiple uses for helical piers are too many to list them all. From foundations to light poles and every project that requires earth anchoring helical piers are the answer.
Get in touch with a structural engineer or local foundation repair contractor, specifically High Rise Industries in order to see what foundation recovery alternative will remedy your distressed foundation.