Helical Piles to the Rescue

Helical piles are used to restore and stabilize home and commercial structures that have settled due to a wide variety of soil compromising problems. As was recently mentioned in an Newsday article foundation movement can be caused by buildings that have been constructed on poorly compressed and improperly compacted soils. Whatever the cause, foundation settlement can totally destroy the value of your home.

Helical piles are a cost-effective solution to your problem.



Properly installed helical piles will stabilize foundations and restore settled structures nearly to their original positions. As a homeowner you must be aware of the fact that properly installed helical piles can only be installed by properly certified contractors who have been trained to handle a wide variety of soil problems.

Each helical pile must be installed to exact specifications to ensure proper stability of the foundation, by working with a trained professional you can ensure that the work done will meet all FEMA specifications. At High Rise Industries Incorporated we have been properly trained and certified in the installation of helical piles to ensure that your foundation will meet the new challenges ahead. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.
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Helical pile | How much space is required to install helical pile?

Installing a Helical pile does not require a lot of space

Fortunately a helical pile can be installed in a relatively small area because we are drilling it straight down into the earth. At high-rise industries we have an assortment of portable equipment that is capable of working in small spaces. When larger equipment is needed we will take every precaution to preserve the landscape of the homeowner. Some landscaping may have to be removed to properly service the problem area of the foundation. However upon completion of the repair we will make every effort to restore the landscape to its original condition.

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Q: Will I Need to Hire a Separate Concrete Contractor?

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A: No High Rise Industries is a full service concrete construction company. We will remove concrete related to a specific helical pier job, and we are experienced concrete contractorsthat have been doing all phases of concrete work since 1997 and will be happy to give you a free estimate for any and all work you may desire. The owners of High-Rise Industries Inc. Danny and Silvio Rebelo are certified helical pier and helical tieback installers that have been certified and trained at Chance Helical piers Corporation.

Signs of Foundation Failure
Cracks on your interior walls in your home above your windows or doors and cracks in the ceiling are good indicators of a problem. If you have Windows or doors that are now sticking meeting tonight opening and closing like they used to they could indicate shifting of the foundation. Uneven floors or cracked ceramic tiling are all signs of foundation failure.
If you’re observing any of these signs feel free to contact us at high-rise industries we are certified helical pier and helical tieback installers. We can be reached at high-rise industries Inc.com or by phone at the following numbers 516-250-2515 or 516-315-8591.